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The Butts Primary School

School Uniform

We encourage children to take a pride in wearing their school uniform as we believe that it helps to achieve a sense of belonging and identity.

Our Uniform

  • grey trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore dress,
  • white polo shirts or blouses
  • green cardigans or jumpers/sweatshirts
  • green and white dresses may be worn in summer
  • PE kit - green shorts and white / house colour T- shirt, plus tracksuit bottoms for Key Stage 2 children in winter.

Uniform is available to order direct from Price and Buckland and you are able to choose whether to have your order sent to your home address or to the school for you to collect.  

Buy School Uniform


Hair should be neat and if long, tied back.


Shoes should be sensible i.e. not open sandals. Whilst trainers or plimsolls are perfectly fine for PE they are not considered suitable for wearing all day.


Watches may be worn but other jewellery such as necklaces and rings are not permitted. Discreet earrings may be worn but must be taken out or taped for PE. If your child is not able to remove earrings themselves, please either remove them or tape them before they come to school on days that they have PE.

Outdoor Wear

As a school, we are very keen to promote a love of the outdoors to our pupils. Our teachers are encouraged to incorporate Outdoor Learning across the National Curriculum and therefore we do spend a lot of time outside. It would be very helpful if your child could keep a pair of wellington boots at school and that they bring clothes which are suitable for the weather conditions e.g. rain coats, sun hats.  


Please ensure that all items of uniform and clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name. This will help us to return it to your child should it go astray. Any unmarked items will be taken to the School Office and can be claimed from there. If you think your child has lost lost an item of uniform, please do ask at the office.

Second-Hand Uniform

From time-to-time, Friends of The Butts School (FOBS) will hold a second-hand uniform sale. These will be advertised and communications sent out in well in advance. All proceeds go to FOBS and are used towards funding experiences, activities and equipment for our children.