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The Butts Primary School

Our Vision and Values

"In happiness, we thrive"

Our Vision

To provide a nourishing, inclusive and vibrant learning environment, in which every child is happily engaged with the creative and innovative teaching of a broad and balanced curriculum.

Our Values

Curiosity, Resilience and Respect

Our Mission Statement

We will make it our mission to:

- protect and promote children’s and staff’s emotional and physical well-being.

- encourage our children to embrace diversity and respect differences

- equip them with the life-long values of curiosity, resilience and respect and show them that any act of kindness, however small, is valued.

- enrich our broad and balanced curriculum with experiences both inside the classroom and outside in nature.

- inspire our children’s creativity

- nurture their curiosity

- teach our children to challenge themselves, show them how they can learn from their mistakes and help them to grow in confidence in a secure and caring environment.

- ensure that the achievements of all children are recognised and celebrated both within the school and the wider community.

- be active and compassionate participants in our local and global community

- be stewards of the environment.