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The Butts Primary School

Lunchtime Gardening Club

Lunchtime Gardening Club is run by Mrs Bevis and takes place on most Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12.20 to 12.50. All children are welcome, and they are able to sign up for the club via their class teacher. To ensure that children get the maximum benefit from attending, the number of attendees at each session is limited to 6 and due to the popularity of the club, we are operating a rota system.

Activities include planting, tending and harvesting vegetables from our vegetable garden and the fruit trees by the castle. During Harvest Week, we used some of the produce we had grown so that children could see where their food had come from. Our catering team very kindly cooked home-grown onions to accompany burgers, used home grown garlic to make garlic bread and used home grown spring onions in a pasta salad. Mrs Bevis also made a Dorset Apple Cake using apples from our apple tree which the children were able to try.

This half-term we will be planting vegetables and flowers.

We have a noticeboard on the side of the garden shed on which the children record what we are growing. Please do take a look when you are passing.